So, you have now probably read Ye:CONTENT and maybe even Ye:LANGUAGE, and have decided to contribute to Psi Epsilon! Well, in that case, Great! Of course, there will be a lot of objects you'd need, to help you contribute. So, what are some important tools and objects here for you to familiarise yourself with?

Wiki MarkupEdit this section

Psi Epsilon is bulit on the wiki engine Wikia, which runs MediaWiki. Media Wiki wikis are edited using a syntax, a sort of Markup, called Wiki Mark Up. You can learn Wiki Mark Up at wikipedia:WP:MARKUP. Wiki Mark Up is somewhat similiar to the more well-known Mark Down, but the specific details are different.

A basic guide to Wiki Mark UpEdit this section

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A quick guide to Wiki Mark Up
Result Links and Links Bold Italix \frac{Mat\hbar}{Mat\hbar s}: x^2+1={0}^{s}\sqrt{\alpha\pi\ell}
Syntax [[Organisation:Mathematics|Links]] and [ Links] '''Bold''' ''Italix'' <math>\frac{Mat\hbar}{\frac{Mat\hbar s}}: x^2+1={0}^{s}\sqrt{\alpha\pi\ell}</math>

See also Mathematics and Physics Wiki:In what language do I add content?#Guidelines (Formatting)

ReferencingEdit this section

See Mathematics and Physics Wiki:In what language do I add content?#Referencing

TemplatesEdit this section

Templates are ways to type a certain amount of content only once, but use it on a variety of pages.

Create templates in the "Template" namespace. Go to "Template:NAME", replacing "NAME" with the name of the template. Now, add the content you need to add. You can add this content onto any page, by typing the following text on the page you want it on:


Replaceing "NAME" with the name of the template.

NoticeBoxesEdit this section

These templates, known as NoticeBoxes are used to write meta-notices at the top of articles.

Read more at Template:NoticeBox.

ProofBoxesEdit this section

ProofBoxes are ways to insert collapsible pieces of information, often mathematical proofs, into articles.

To make a new proofbox, go to Template:ProofBoxes/NAME, replacing "NAME" with the name of the ProofBox, typically a short acronym or abbreviation.

Add a header, <noinclude>{{ProofBox}} [[Category:ProofBoxes]] </noinclude> at the top of the ProofBox.

Now, type your content into the ProofBox. Now, create a template whose title is Template:NAME, where "NAME" is replaced by the name of the ProofBox. In this template, add the following text:

{| class="mw-collapsible mw-collapsed wikitable" style="text-align: center;"
! TITLE                   
| {{ProofBoxes/NAME}}                    

Replaceing "TITLE" with the title under which you want the ProofBox to appear, and "NAME" with the name of the ProofBox. You now have a template containing the ProofBox, and you can post it anywhere.

InfoBoxesEdit this section

InfoBoxes are templates you can add to the Article Organisations. Have a look at the source of Template:String Theory or Template:Quantum Field Theory to understand how to make an InfoBox. After making an infobox, simply add it to the Article Organisations. Also see Template:Quantum Field Theory for inspiration as to how to make the template sound dramatic.

Also add infoboxes to each page in the organisation. This allows easy navigation.

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