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  • SHY.John

    Dear readers,

    I don't remember how did I started last blog entry, but I finally got time to do this month's entry.

    I hope no one minds, but this article is will be built slower than the ant crawling. I haven't got specific idea on this general article, but it should be something about general Physics.

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  • SHY.John

    Dear Readers,

    This is the communication between us in scope of this wiki, it is however I do not want to spent all day to find a community portal in here, such that I have founded this blog series. In this blog, there are few regimes, which are:

    The content of this newsletter is under below, note that the author will add contents until the next month.

    The author has launched the sandbox for article Physics, this is the summary of the Physics part of this wiki. It is proposed to be finished by end of 2018 or mid 2019. The author has a request if the existing article named Physics can be reserved for the contents in the sandbox. At the moment, the article is redirected to Organisation: Physics.

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