Status Completed

I need to justify why I made the "Organisation:..." change to the manually made categories, like String Theory and Supersymmetry.

What are these manually made categories?

I started this idea of having manually made categories, because most users who visit this wiki probably know about Wikipedia, and would try to use the sort of URLs on wikipedia/. If the wikipedia url, for example, was, they would try to write However, the policies we follow here require us to make it , instead.

If we have these sorts of manually made categories, then it allows for easy access of articles by simply clicking on the "All articles" link on the main page and following the relevant links.

What does "Organisation:..." mean?

"Organisation" does not mean "Organisation" in that "Wikia is a for-profit organisation", "Wikipedia claims to be a non-profit organisation". It means a way to organise stuff (Articles).

Why this sudden change?

I realised that pages like "Quantum Field Theory" and "String Theory", are better off redirecting to "Introduction to Quantum Field Theory" and "Introduction to String Theory". So, what do we do about the manually made categories? I decided to add a prefix "Organisation:..." to them, so as to distinguish them.

Instead of this crazy pseudo-Namespace, why not use categories?

For academic subjects, the articles need to be ordered, and not alphabetically.

The only way to do this with categories is to use "{{DEFAULTSORT}}".

Why not use "{{DEFAULTSORT}}"?

I don't like "{{DEFAULTSORT}}".

It makes things too complicated and annoying. And I'll need to add "1.", "2.", etc. to the article defaultsorted names.

Why not make a proper namespace for "Organisation:..."

It would mean contacting wikia through Special:Contact, taking the wiki down for a while, the poor wikia staff taking hours to add this additional namespace, and reduceing my limited number of 5 maximum custom namespaces.

I prefer a pseudo-namespace, therefore.