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  • Dimension10

    Some future plans about this wiki...

    There are obviously many more sites and books to learn more about Mathematics and Physics. It makes a lot of sense to make articles on each of these. I plan to classify them into a section, "Learn More". Some planned articles:

    Physics Overflow is a planned Q & A site for high-level (graduate and beyond) Physics. Read more at Schrodinger's Cat Strikes Back! or Discussion on Old and New Theoretical Physics Forum at The Reference Frame.

    It is also planned that the tag wikis for Physics Overflow will be hosted on PsiEpsilon.

    The Reference Frame, also known as TRF, is a Physics blog by Lubos Motl It is an excellent resource once you have mastered textbook material. It covers recent theoretical, ph…

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  • Dimension10

    I need to justify why I made the "Organisation:..." change to the manually made categories, like String Theory and Supersymmetry.

    I started this idea of having manually made categories, because most users who visit this wiki probably know about Wikipedia, and would try to use the sort of URLs on wikipedia/. If the wikipedia url, for example, was ".

    It makes things too complicated and annoying. And I'll need to add "1.", "2.", etc. to the article defaultsorted names.

    It would mean contacting wikia through Special:Contact, taking the wiki down for a while, the poor wikia staff taking hours to add this additional namespace, and reduceing my limited number of 5 maximum custom namespaces.

    I prefer a pseudo-namespace, therefo…

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  • Dimension10

    Next steps...

    September 21, 2013 by Dimension10

    We've been making quite a lot of progress, recently, as compared to most other wikis, at least. We have 68 pages, in around 6 weeks. What is remaining for us to do? Obviously, a lot.

    A large portion of our content was taken from those wikipedia articles which I or others had created or heavily contributed to. The style of referencing on wikipedia is obviously very different from wikia, which uses a different version of Media Wiki.

    Of course, as per Ye:CONTENT, it is not necessary to add references to all content, unless the content is challenged. In case this content is challenged in the future, it will be pointless to search for references again, since we already have the references.

    Therefore, one major thing I'll be trying to over the next…

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  • Dimension10

    Psi Epsilon

    August 9, 2013 by Dimension10

    See my blog at   Psi Epsilon  . 

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