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Like T-Duality, S-Duality is a duality, or equivalence, between theories. Unlike T-Duality, S-Duality is not a purely stringy concept as it also appears in Quantum Field Theorys. S-Duality is useful because equates a Strongly-Coupled theory with a Weakly-Coupled theory. I.e. it equates a theory with coupling constant \frac1{g_s} with a theory with coupling constant {g}_{s}.

S-Duality and the DilatonEdit this section

In String Theory, the coupling constant is related to the Dilaton Field:

g_s=\langle e^\Phi \rangle

Negating the Dilaton Field is equivalent to inverting the coupling constant:

\frac1{g_s}=\frac1{\langle e^\Phi\rangle}=e^{-\Phi}

Therefore, S-Duality negates the Dilaton Field, in a similar way as to how T-Duality negates the bosonic and fermionic fields, ;  X^\mu and \psi^\mu/.

S-Duality in String TheoryEdit this section

In String Theory, analysing the massless fields and mass spectra of String Theoryies shows that Type I String Theory is S-Dual to Type HO String Theory and Type IIB String Theory is S-Dual to itself. More specifically, Type I String Theory with D-Branes instead of F1-Strings is S-Dual to Type HO String Theory and Type IIB String Theory with D-Branes instead of F1-Strings is S-Dual to itself (but with F1 Strings).

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