<math>\begin{align}   & \left\{ \begin{align}   & m{\alpha }'\tau \hbar \varepsilon \mu \alpha \mathbf{T}ic\varsigma  \\   & \text{      }\And  \\   & \text{  }\mathsf{\mathcal{P}}\pi y\sigma \mathbf{I}\subset \mathbf{S} \\  \end{align} \right\} \\   & \text{    }Wikia \\  \end{align}</math>

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// The below is the code to enable some recommended script, from The Open Source Developer's Wiki . Please copy and paste it to w:c:community:Special:MyPage/global.js

ADMINS: Please use the Administrators' Java Script instead.

/****Below will be the recommended JS. It is recommended that everybody uses it.****/  
window.AdvancedOasisUI = {
      accountNavFollowedPages: false,
      accountNavWatchlist: false,
      categoryRedlink: true,
      RCHeader: true,
      DefaultSourceMode: true,
      lightbox: true, 
      randomPageLimitedTo: 'Main',
      activity2RC: true,
      userLang: true,
    type: 'script',
    articles: [ 
/****Above was the recommended script. It is recommended that everybody uses it.****/

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