The below is the code to enable some recommended script, from The Open Source Developer's Wiki . Please copy and paste it to w:c:community:Special:Mypage/global.css

/* Remove Ads and Rail */       
  .WikiaTopAds {display:none !important;} /**Remove Top Ads**/   
  .home-top-right-ads {display:none !important;}   /**Remove Top Right Ads (if any)**/ 
  .wikia-ad {display:none !important;} /**Remove misc. ads on rail**/      
  .SelfServeUrl {display:none !important;} /**Remove Ad Caption**/        
  .WikiaActivityModule {display:none !important;} /**Remove Wiki Activity Module**/    
  footer.WikiaFooter {display:none !important;} /**Remove other wikis in Wikia's network ad**/                  
  div#WikiaArticleBottomAd {display:none !important} /**Remove bottom ads**/     
  .LatestPhotosModule {display:none !important;} /**Remove Photos Box**/         
  .ChatModule {display:none !important;} /**Remove Chat Box**/         
  .WikiaAdInContentPlaceHolder {display:none !important} /**Remove Unnecessary Placeholder**/         
  .WikiaAdInContent {display:none !important} /**Remove ads that appear inside content**/

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