<math>\begin{align}   & \left\{ \begin{align}   & m{\alpha }'\tau \hbar \varepsilon \mu \alpha \mathbf{T}ic\varsigma  \\   & \text{      }\And  \\   & \text{  }\mathsf{\mathcal{P}}\pi y\sigma \mathbf{I}\subset \mathbf{S} \\  \end{align} \right\} \\   & \text{    }Wikia \\  \end{align}</math>


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The ER=EPR connection is the conjecture[1] that in a theory of quantum gravity, the existence of entanglement always implies the existence of a wormhole in the quantum geometry. ("ER" refers to Einstein-Rosen bridge, an old name for wormhole, and "EPR" to Einstein, Podolsky, and Rosen, who wrote a very early paper on entanglement.)

ReferencesEdit this section

  1. Maldacena, Juan; Susskind, Leonard. (2013). "Cool horizons for entangled black holes". ArXiV.

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