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Quantum Field Theory
... no spooky action at a distance (Einstein)
Early Results
Relativistic Quantum Mechanics Klein-Gordon Equation
Dirac Equation
The Dawn of QFT Spinors
Feynman Slash Notation
Klein-Gordon Field
Dirac Field
Grassman Variable
Conformal Field Theory
Countdown to the Standard Model
From a framework to a model Yang-Mills Theory
Quantum Electrodynamics
Quantum Chromodynamics
Electroweak Theory
Higgs Mechanism
Standard Model
Semi-Classical Gravity and the Dark Age Hawking Radiation
Chandrashekhar Limit
Problems with the Standard Model
Beyond the Standard Model Beyond the Standard Model
Quantum Gravity
Theory of Everything
Related De Donder-Weyl Theory

BMS Symmetry is a symmetry of the gravitational S-Matrix that is generated by Bondi-Metzner-Sachs transformations. Soft gravitons are the Goldstone Bosons of this symmetry, when it is spontaneously broken.[1] It has been proposed that BMS Symmetry solves the black hole information paradox, but this idea remains controversial.

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