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• 12/3/2013

Featured Articles and Under Construction Articles

From this Sunday, Psi Epsilon will start a concept of "Featured Articles" and "Featured Under Construction" articles.

As the community is still very small (3 people, 1 inactive), we can't have a proper voting process. But I have nominated:

for next week.

The idea behind having these is that

  1. It provides some good hints for newcomers to contribute to; as you can see at the Administrator Dashboard, there actually have been quite a number of views each day, but few stop to contribute. It seems that the reason behind this is that some visitors, who would maybe want to contribute, would not be fully sure as to how.
  2. It helps optimise SEO, as per Wikia's guide to increasing SEO. This will attract more contributors.
  3. It helps identify the yet not fully developed articles.

Are there any objections to this? If so, please reply below.

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• 12/3/2013

No objections :-)

• 12/3/2013

@Mjporter Hm, seems that I directly copy - pasted my message on your message wall here; just fixed it.

• 12/28/2013

I will again be changing the Expansion Required and Featured Articles today; please comment here if there are any objections.

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